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Bang bang my baby shot me dooooown!

Uh, well, anyway, aside from my massive fangirlish fagging over Kill Bill since volume 2 has made itself known in my life. Just alot of crazy shit with work going on. Too much chaos to get ready for my vacation. They're trying to bribe me right now to get me to not go but considering I pre-worked the hours in order to go I think I would slip into a homicidal death march all over the entire corporation if they tried to stop me. But, at any rate I'll still be available if anyone needs me. Just pop me an email. With something logical in the subject or it'll get bounced right back to your ass. I'm getting roughly 60-70 spam emails a day offering me viagra and to enhance my mortgage rate on this house I do not own. So I go on these blanket bouncing sprees to send it back to the bastards. (God damn I do so love my mac)

Happy belated birthday to Kei! I would have driven up for a visit if I had any free time to get away from the chaos. Gotta get up with you sometime soon though. I'll be back in May.

Don't sweat your friend calling any. It was amusing to say the least.

Everyone else:
Um... yeah, have fun and take it easy.
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