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On building resin kits:

As Bill said during volume 1, "this is me, at my most masocistic"

At any rate, the laptop is in for some repairs so I may not be around very much on the forums or anything of the sort. I'm taking this as a sign to catch up on artwork and some model building. Granted, it's nice to know that the model is in your posession all nice and pristine in the box but what's the point of having it if you don't build it. I wish I could make money at this, I'm relatively good at it. I can say with a great deal of ease I am a million times better with model kits than I am with comics. Meh.

Anyway, if you need to get up with me try my cell phone first off. It'll be the easiest method for now. ;_; I miss it so much already. Windows OS is annoying.
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